Ways to Make Your Salad Interesting ?


Ways to Make Your Salad Interesting ?

When we talk about salads, they never come alone as along with it comes seasoning and dressings. If someone tells you that he or she is on a diet and only lives on green veggies and low on fat fruits seasoned with just salt, then that is the biggest lie you have heard of. Green leafy vegetable, cherry tomatoes diced carrots, boiled baby potatoes sprinkled with salt and pepper is a complete balanced meal to enjoy in the morning and keep yourself full for the day. But will you really enjoy this meal which is flavorless. It does not even have a juicy texture to it which eventually will make your mouth feel dry after few bites.

The dressing of olive oil, or salad oil makes this otherwise dry salad moist and easy to chew and digest. These Salad Dressing have a flavour which enhances the taste of salads. People like their salad dressings in different ways some mix it well, some like dipping their crunchy greens in the dressing while some pour it on the top of the salad and enjoy it.

Besides vegetable salad there are fruit salads as well which usually have a sweet dressing to it. There are various types of dressings to make you feel happy with every bite. How can you make your salad interesting? You want to maintain your diet yet want the diet food to taste interesting and delicious.

If you are vegetarian and want to make the veggies interesting you can add Vinegar dressing which is known as vinaigrettes. This vinegar based dressing is light and have a tart flavoring. If you do not like the taste of balsamic vinegar then you can also add olive oil Mayo which is the original white mayonnaise. This white Mayo is all time favorite and goes well with sandwiches and burgers.

Have you ever tried your Caesar salad with bits of boiled chicken, shrimps and Caesar Salad Dressings? Well, this tastes heavenly and is non-vegetarian’s delight. This cheese based dressing is also an excellent marinade for your baked dishes.

Thousand Island Dressings is yet another very versatile dressing which goes well with cold meat and veggies. It is also a great sandwich spread and kids love it.

Ranch dressings are perfect with fruit salad and boiled eggs. The yoghurt taste in it is gives a soothing flavour. Boiled corn, black bean and baked tortilla strips mixed in Ranch Dressing is an amazing combination.

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