History of Thousand Island Dressing


History of Thousand Island Dressing

How to Got it’s Name Thousand Island Dressing

The Thousand Island Salad Dressing has got an interesting history on how it got its name. It is said that it got its name from the Thousand Islands between the United States and Canada in the St. Lawrence River. There are many stories on who developed this delicious dressing among which one of the stories say that Thousand Island Dressing was reportedly developed by Boldt’s chef. Despite claims that he was involved in the introduction of the salad dressing at the Waldorf, chef Tschirky did not mention the Salad Dressing in his famous cookbook that was published. There is another storing mentioning that a woman named Sophia LaLonde supposedly invented it in upstate New York and a guest of hers is supposed to have named it after the Thousand Islands region of upstate New York and Canada. Mary Irwin another important name who is said to give this mysterious dressing a name after the place from where she belonged.


In the 1950s, “Thousand Island Dressing” became a standard condiment, used on sandwiches and salads alike. Even today in most of the American Diners and fast food joints it is referred to as a secret sauce.  This dressing has a mayonnaise base but it may include olive oil, lemon juice, orange juice, paprika, Worcestershire sauce, mustard, vinegar, cream, chili sauce, tomato pure, ketchup, or Tabasco sauce. Some Thousand Island Dressings also have finely chopped veggies such as pickles, onions, bell peppers, green olives, parsley, pimento, chives, garlic, or chopped nuts (such as walnuts or chestnuts).

Thousand Island Dressing Taste

This dressing not only enhances the taste of salad but also makes it rich and a complete meal which not only meets your daily nutrient value but also satisfy your pallets. This light pinkish to or angish condiment can be seen as the most important ingredient of sandwiches and burger buns. It gives a creamy tangy taste to the buns and breads. Now when people are getting more health conscious they are seeking out for low fat condiments which will not let them compromise with the taste yet maintain the weight.

Veeba now introduces its Low fat range of tasty Thousand Island salads which tastes just like the original dressing yet is low on calorie. The sauce is prepared as per the food grade guidelines. Now you can enjoy yummy salads and sandwiches at home anytime. even your kids can make a quick sandwich with Veeba’s dressings.