Thousand Island Dressing – A Cocktail Dressing


Thousand Island Dressing – A Cocktail Dressing

Thousand Island Dressing Ingredients

There are varied types of dressing available in the market. Among these Thousand Island dressing is a special cocktail dressing as it contains various ingredients like olive oil, lemon juice, orange juice, paprika, Worcestershire sauce, mustard, vinegar, cream, chilli sauce and tomato puree, or Tabasco sauce. It blends well with all types of dishes be it Indian, Chinese or American.

Is Thousand Island Dressing Healthy?

Today people are getting fitter and avoid oily and deep fried food which contains lot of butter or other fatty products. These are now replaced by much healthier options like low fat yoghurt, low fat cheese and low calorie dressing. People start their day with vegetable salads or fruit salads which are low on calories and sugar contents. Salad may not only mean boiled vegetables as it can contain corns and tofu for vegetarians and baked or boiled chicken and fish bits for non-vegetarians. These sound really tempting and also look the same but may not taste delicious as these only contain salt and pepper to add taste. The salads may turn out dry and tasteless but if we add some tasty and interesting dressing like Thousand Island Dressing to it, then it will completely change the taste and texture of it.

There are wide varieties of salad and fruit salad dressing available in the market but many of these may contain some ingredients which can increase your calorie intake. But there is a brand like Veeba food which offers dressing that is low on calorie and is trans-fat free. These dressing are fit for all and help you enjoy your diet food without losing on taste. The Thousand Island dressing which Veeba offers is 81% fat free and is a versatile dressing which can be added in different dishes like sandwiches, rolls and burritos besides salads.

This Salad Dressing has various flavours like sweet, creamy and tangy. This can easily replace your intake of butter and ketchup. Its cocktail flavoring will satisfy your taste buds. It can be poured over salad, spread on bread or buns and can also be used as a dip for kebabs and pakoras. As this is 100% vegetarian, therefore a bottle of Veeba’s dressing is available for all. The bottle is beautifully designed to allow one to squeeze it conveniently. It gives you the joy of quick cooking for your kids and even for high tea.

Make delicious dishes with this versatile sauce for any party and be ready to get all the praises for your culinary skills.

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