All About Teriyaki Sauce – Veeba Sauces


All About Teriyaki Sauce – Veeba Sauces

Teriyaki Sauce and Everything You Need to Know About it

Teriyaki sauce: Ever wondered about the delicious and sumptuous sauce that instantly adds a kick to all your kebabs and barbecue delicacies. While it is easy to discard anything tasty as unhealthy or junk, it is worthwhile to know what your favorite tastemaker actually entails.

The ‘Teriyaki sauce’ has come a long way since it was first formulated in Japan. The first version was a mix of soy sauce and some spices. The series of changes that it has gone through include ginger, brown sugar, pineapple juice, green onions and other exotic spices to make it the finger licking marinade that it is today.

It instantly spices up and flavours even the blandest dishes and adds lovely flavours to low-fat meats as well. While it does contain sodium, the quantity is kept in check so your health doesn’t suffer the repercussions of good taste.
Here are some nutritional facts that will make you run right to the supermarket and grab your bottle of delightful taste.

A Dipping Sauce that Keeps the Calories in Check:

This is a low-calorie dipping sauce that not just adds utmost flavor to your meat but also contains just 16 calories per tablespoon. If you compare it with 29 calories per tablespoon of barbecue sauce, the calorie count is nearly half in ‘Teriyaki Sauce” as compared to that in barbecue sauce. We all know that judicious calorie inclusion can save us a lot of inches on the waistline. Here is a solution to all your weight loss woes. A swap for your common ingredients that will not just take the taste several notches higher but also be a gym and diet companion.

A Justified Carbohydrate Count:

While the source of most of the calories in Teriyaki Sauce is carbs, the composition is such that it is considered as free food. This can be attributed to the fact that one tablespoon of Teriyaki is packed with 3 gms of carbs, 1 gram of protein and no fat. It is hence a right choice of condiment for diabetes patients. Every serving contains less than 5 gms of carbohydrates that is lower than the 7gms per tablespoon as compared to barbecue sauce which is not free food.

Teriyaki Sauce – Vitamins and Minerals

While you cannot depend on Teriyaki sauce for vitamin and mineral needs as it is not a rich source, you can find small amounts of the requisite nutrients. Below are the contents per tablespoon:

Iron- 31 mg
Magnesium- 11 mg
Phosphorus- 28 mg
Potassium- 40 mg

We all are well aware of the goodness of these minerals. The importance of Iron for hemoglobin and blood cannot be denies and magnesium and phosphorus determine bone health to a great extent. Potassium helps in maintaining the fluid balance of the body. It also helps transforming your food to expendable energy with the constituent B-vitamins. You may not depend on the sauce for all your nutrient needs but it does compliment your other food and is a great companion for health.

You can effortlessly include Teriyaki Sauce recipes in your diet and embrace good taste as well as grab all the nutritional benefits. Just remember not to overdo it just like all the other foods. It is a perfect ingredient that can make all your recipes just delicious. Salads, meats, rice and pasta all go well great with Teriyaki. You can also use it as a dip for all your vegetarian dishes to make them an instant delight. With its versatility, you will soon realize that it is more than just a marinade or dip.