Explore Salsa Dip Recipe And Make At Home


Explore Salsa Dip Recipe And Make At Home

Mexican cuisine is all about playing with the flavours of tomato, avocados, beans and chilli pepper. Mexican tacos with salsa dip, nachos with salsa dip, tortilla chips with salsa dip, and all these are the queen of recipes when we talk about Mexican food. Since we know Mexican food is incomplete without a salsa dip. Red salsa or Tomato salsa dip is a side dish recipe or dip that goes well with all the Mexican recipes including Mexican bean rice, tortilla, tacos, etc. Although Mexican cuisine has given some of the top recipes to the food world, however, it even resembles Indian taste as well. Because Indians are fond of eating spicy and tangy food, salsa dip is considered the best side dip for them as well to pair up with their snacks/starters. 

For people of all ages, salsa dish recipe is a champion as it can be used with some other recipes as well. We can use the salsa dip with our fried snacks and even use it to eat as salads with an authentic Indian meal. Teenagers who cannot cook a complete meal can enjoy their food by making a quick tomato salsa, which is prepared using the ingredients that are present almost in every kitchen of India. Also, boring dishes can turn into exciting ones with the help of tomato salsa. 

Prepared with onion, lemon, and tomatoes, this side dish serves as a saviour for those who love pampering their friends for frequent get-togethers. Some people do not love to cook heavy meals and are fond of eating light snacks with some dips and sauces as evening snacks. They can make this simple salsa and innovate their food to make it even more delicious. Since just words do not fulfil the hunger strives of a human. Let us know read about the recipe how this amazing tomato salsa is made. 

Ingredients required for making Tomato/Red Salsa Dip Recipe

  • 250 grams tomatoes
  • 2 green chillies
  • 1 medium-sized onion
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • A pinch of black pepper
  • A pinch of salt
  • Some coriander leaves

Procedure for making Tomato/Red Salsa

Step 1 – Smoke the onion: Firstly, you need to blacken/char the onion on the gas flame so as to blacken the outer layer of the onion without burning it. You need to rotate the onion on all sides while it is exposed to the gas flame. Make sure all the skin of the onion is blistered. Once it is done from all the sides, remove it from the gas flame and leave it as such to cool it down completely. After 10-15 mins, check if the onion is cooled down. It’s time to peel it off. With the help of this procedure, the onion receives a Smokey flavour, which enhances the taste of our Mexican salsa. 

Step 2 – Chop the veggies: Now comes the chopping phase. You need to chop the onions, tomatoes, green chillies, and coriander leaves finely. 

Step 3 – Mix the ingredients: Now is the time to mix all the ingredients including the chopped tomatoes, onions, green chillies, and coriander leaves. Mash all these vegetable mixtures a little to form a semi-liquid paste. 

Step 4 – Finish up with spices: Now add, lemon juice, salt, and black pepper to the semi-paste. Before serving the salsa, keep it for 10-15 minutes after preparing it so that all the veggies absorb the taste of lemon juice and spices. 


NOTE: You can add the chillies according to your taste. If you like spicier add in more chillies and if you like less spicy salsa, lower the number of chillies. You can also add green, red or yellow bell peppers to your salsa if you like the taste of bell peppers and want to give your salsa more nutritional value. 


This salsa dip recipe will be an amazing delight with nachos and tacos. The tangy flavour of salsa dip recipe goes exceptionally well with the crunchiness of nachos and tortilla chips. Instead of buying a readymade salsa dip, you should opt to prepare it at home. The readymade salsa dip recipe is made using some preservatives as well so why to take down them to your stomach when you can easily make this amazing dip at your home with all the easily available ingredients. When you make a salsa dip recipe at home, you remain tension free to feed it to your kid’s as well as you know it is completely natural and does not contain any harmful ingredients, which can harm your kid’s health. 


Some additional tips that can help you enjoy a Mexican cuisine sitting at your home are as follows:

  1. Top up your tortilla chips or nacho chips with some salsa dip. Above that add some chopped veggies of your choice and finish it up with some melted cheese on the top to make it a complete snack to saviour your anytime hunger cravings for Mexican food. 
  2. For people who are waiting to host a party during the weekend, keeping nachos and salsa paired with a refreshing drink would be the best idea. If you can afford to make some fried rice using the beans, peri peri masala and salsa dip, your weekend party is going to rock even better and all your friends are going to thank you for this lavish Mexican delight. 

So, people get set for arranging a Mexican food night with your family and friends and do not forget to include the most amazing salsa dip in the menu that we taught you to make. Hope your Mexican cravings get fulfilled with our tomato salsa dip!!