Recipes Using Sriracha Chili Sauce


Recipes Using Sriracha Chili Sauce

If you have a love for fiery, spicy and flavour some food, then a good quality Hot sauce or Chilli sauce is mandatory in your kitchen. Hot sauce is much more than just a condiment and can be actively used even while cooking your favourite recipes especially when it comes to Indian or Asian recipes. With its unique blend of flavour, this chilli sauce elevates your boring food recipes by way of adding extra heat and zing to your palate.

Though nothing can beat the freshness and flavours of homemade sauces, the overall process can be time-consuming as well might call for some skills. To make things more convenient, the market is flooded with various options of Chilli Sauce or Hot Sauce. Veeba has recently launched the Sriracha Sauce, which is a unique blend of hotness as well as tanginess. The key ingredient of Sriracha Chilli sauce is Chilli along with a perfect blend of Sugar, Salt, Vinegar as well as Garlic. Veeba’s Sriracha Sauce is perfect for Indian as well as continental recipes. This Chilli Sauce Sriracha is extremely versatile and can be used in various recipes.

Recipes using Sriracha Sauce:

Dips: The spicy yet tangy flavour of Sriracha sauce blends perfectly with creamy dips or sauces. Add a dash of Sriracha Sauce to your regular Mayonnaise or Sour cream for that extra kick.

Straight-up: If you love and can handle hotness of chilli, then you can also use this Sriracha sauce directly as a dip for your appetizers.

Cocktails: Might sound unusual but this particular Sriracha sauce works great for making spicy drinks. You can add an extra hint of heat to your bloody mary by adding this sauce.

Soups/Stews: Sriracha Sauce is an essential element of Thai as well as Vietnamese food, where it is served directly with their respective appetizers. Whereas adding it to your regular Tomato Soup or any cream-based soup will enhance the flavour of the soup/stew.

Marinade: Add an extra zing to your regular marinades. And if you don’t want the extra hassle, let only this hot sauce be your marinade. Sriracha sauce works great with meat as it contains vinegar, it helps soften as well as taste-enhancer.

Dressing: Sriracha sauce contains vinegar as well as heat, can work great as a salad dressing. Its all about being innovative with your food. If you love both spices as well as the creamy texture of your chicken/fish, You can add Mayonnaise or cheese to your salad.

Indian Curries: With its unique heat and tangy properties, this sriracha sauce can add an additional flavour to your regular Indian curry.

Pasta Sauce: Quick fix your pasta by adding this Sriracha chilli sauce to your regular tomato ketchup and sauté with your favourite pasta and veggies.

Noodles/Fried Rice: Increase the spice and heat quotient of your regular stir friend Noodles or Rice. The fiery and tangy flavour of the Sriracha sauce acts as a taste-enhancer, elevating the taste of your regular boring noodles/Fried Rice.
Now bring in the spicy and fiery flavours of Indian and Pan Asian recipes to your kitchen by way of using this reasonable and readily available Veeba’s Sriracha Chilli Sauce and keep experimenting with your food.