Recipes Using Marinara Sauce


Recipes Using Marinara Sauce

Marinara Sauce is one of the most powerful ingredients of the Italian cuisine, without which most of the Italian recipes are incomplete. A rich and flavourful sauce made up of tomatoes, onions and various other herbs of your choice. This sauce is extremely quick and easy to make. This is another reason why it is so popular. Marinara Sauce is one of the most versatile sauces and can be used in various forms in different recipes across the globe. Even Indian sub-continent has welcomed this Italian sauce along with various other Italian recipes.

Although this sauce is quick and easy to make, the market is full of multiple options of Marinara sauces. Veeba’s Marinara Pizza and Pasta sauce is also one such example. Which can be used to further make numerous recipes.

Recipes using Marinara Sauce:

Soups: With healthy and diet friendly, this sauce makes the perfect base for healthy tomato soup. Just add in some water, boil and season with your favourite herbs.

Dips: Marinara Sauce is a great balance of savoury as well as tanginess. You can make your own dip or salsa using marinara as a base.

Pizza Sauce: One of the most popular usages of this sauce is it acts as a great base for any pizza recipe. Now you can make your own healthy pizza at home with your favourite toppings, with the help of this Marinara Sauce.

Pasta Sauce: Another most popular usage of this Sauce is combining it with your favourite pasta recipe. Cook your favourite Vegetables or meat in this sauce and season as per your taste. Now relish your favourite cooked pasta with this sauce along with your favourite vegetable or meat.

Indian Curries: Tomatoes and Onions are also key ingredients for making Indian Curries. So, if you have some leftover Marinara sauce at home, just cook it with some garam masala and your favourite vegetable or meat and your set with Indian Curry recipes.

Lasagne: you can easily bake your lasagne sheets. Layering them with Marinara sauce and your favourite cooked vegetables and loads of cheese. Layer them with the help of lasagne sheet and bake. Your Lasagne using Marinara sauce is ready.

Marinara Baked Rice: It’s not mandatory to have marinara only with pasta or spaghetti. You need to make a sauce of your marinara sauce along with ketchup and a little soy sauce in sesame oil. Pour this over cooked rice along with your favourite vegetable or meatballs. Load it with cheese and bake.

Sub-way: Yes, it’s possible. Just take out your leftover Marinara sauce and spread on a loaf of the sub roll. Add in your favourite vegetable or meatball and loads of cheese and your set for your quick and easy lunch or dinner.

So next time whenever you’re in store for groceries, don’t forget to grab a Jar of Marinara Sauce. Its cheap and delicious and we have already seen the diversified usage.