Recipes Using Cucumber and Carrot Sandwich Spread


Recipes Using Cucumber and Carrot Sandwich Spread

When you are late and looking for a quick fix to your breakfast for the day, a sandwich spread is the best thing to have in your pantry. There are range flavours available in the market today in the category of sandwich spreads. Various brands try and introduce a new flavour to break the monotony of the customers and to attract more and more consumers. The latest of the trend is innovative and healthy, Cucumber and Carrot sandwich spread by Veeba. It is a unique amalgamation of taste with the health. The spread contains small little chunks of carrot and cucumber, which are not only healthy but a great source of energy. Using this spread in your breakfast will give a fresh and healthy start to your day. The Cucumber and Carrot sandwich spread as the name suggest works great for sandwiches but are not limited to sandwiches only.

Recipes using Cucumber and Carrot Spread:

Sandwiches: For the starters, the most basic way to use the cucumber and carrot sandwich spread would be to spread it on your bread and make a simple yet healthy sandwich. The additional benefit of using this particular spread is, you wouldn’t have to spend time in chopping vegetables separately. This spread will give you the tastiest and creamiest sandwich ever.

Grilled Sandwiches: Yes, you can try making varieties with a simple sandwich spread. Add your favourite vegetable or omelette or boiled eggs or cooked meat or even fish and lots of cheese, on a whole wheat bread spread with this unique cucumber and carrot flavour. Eat it simple or grill it for that extra smoky flavour.

Wraps: Another very easy but comforting way to use the cucumber and carrot sandwich spread would be to use it on your Chapattis or Parantha’s, load it with your favourite vegetables or cooked meat. And your wholesome meal is ready. Your kids will also enjoy their meal full of taste and health.

Bread Rolls: You can also prepare bread rolls by using this healthy cucumber and carrot sandwich spread. Just mix this spread with your favourite filling and stuff in a hallowed bread roll.

Burgers: Use this unique cucumber and carrot spread on your regular burger, add your favourite cutlet, and add some lettuce and cherry tomatoes and your healthy and wholesome burger is ready.

Salad Dressing: Yes the spread can also be used as dressing to your salad and the flavour of cucumber and carrot blends very easily with both the fruits as well as vegetable salad. You can also add your favourite cooked meat or boiled eggs to make your salad healthier.

Revamp your kid’s lunch box, change your breakfast options and give a change to your palate by switching to this flavour some and healthy option from your regular monotonous sandwich spreads. These are just a few samples, cooking is an indefinite art. Go ahead and use your creativity to bring about healthy and delicious change on your table.