Recipes Using Barbeque Sauce


Recipes Using Barbeque Sauce

Barbequing is an age-old technique of cooking, probably the oldest cooking method. But the journey of Barbequed food has been diversified. A great Indian Tandoor is also a form of Barbequing. But the real essence of Barbequing has caught up lately. The idea of cooking in open, having fun with your friends and family.

The essence of Barbequing lies in two things, first is the techniques used by the individual grilling and second the flavours in the marinade where Barbeque sauce plays a defining role. A well-grilled vegetable or meat will have the juices and flavours well intact along with the induced smoky flavour.

Barbeque sauce gives a variant smoky flavour to your Vegetable or meat. The usage of Barbeque is not limited to only for Barbequing. There are various other recipes where Barbeque sauce gives an awesome flavour.

Burger/sandwiches: Grab your leftover cooked chicken or vegetables in barbeque sauce, add some freshly chopped carrot for the crunch and your healthy lunch is ready.

Salad Dressing: There is nothing wrong with taking the flavour of smoke without actual using barbequed meats or vegetables. You can now make your regular salad as Barbecued Salad by using this sauce as a dressing.
Barbecued Fruit sauce: Select any fruit of your choice best goes with guava or apple. Add barbecue sauce while cooking and make a sauce of it. The fruit sauce will have a vibrant smoky aroma to it.

Wraps: Add your favourite meat or vegetables cooked in a barbeque sauce in a Roti or Paratha. Wrap it up and your roll is ready. A gluten-free version of the same can also be made using Kale leaves or Cabbage leaves in spite of Roti or Paratha.

Subway: Who doesn’t know Subway when it comes to eating healthy and clean. And we also know how prominently they used barbeque sauce to give the same smoky affair to their regular loaves of sub rolls. Use footlongs, lots of veggies and barbecue sauce for a quick and healthy sandwich

Smoky Pizza: Add that smoky flavour to your regular pizza by adding barbequed meat or vegetables or smoke it with barbeque sauce after adding your favourite toppings.

Indian Tikka’s: Add a Tangy flavour to your regular Indian tandoori Tikkas by adding a dash of smoky flavour of barbeque sauce.

Pan-fried Vegetables: You can now make your home version of barbeque by adding a dash of barbeque sauce to your regular pan-fried veggies at home.

Cocktails: A very unusual way of using barbeque sauce. Now make your spicy cocktail drink as smoky by using barbeque sauce. It adds a unique combination of tangy and smoky flavour to your drink.

Barbequed Pasta: why not transfer your barbeque passion to pasta. Just add a small amount of barbeque sauce to your creamy pasta while cooking and close the lids, to keep the aroma intact.

Barbequed Sizzlers: Although Sizzlers are already smoky but usually not the food inside the platter. Make your sizzler eating experience authentic by adding a dash of barbecue sauce while cooking the gravy if your recipe.

The list of recipes in which barbecue sauce can be used to enhance the flavour will go endless, it all depends upon your imagination and creativity. Add that rustic aromatic flavour to your regular recipes by adding a good quality barbeque sauce. Veeba offers an amazing barbecue sauce that can give you a wide range of quick recipe options to try.