How to Pep-Up your food using eggless mayonnaise


How to Pep-Up your food using eggless mayonnaise

Starting from its advent, mayonnaise has been readily accepted worldwide as one of the most sought-after condiments. Given its unique ability to add creamy texture and flavour enhancing ability, mayonnaise can now easily be found in almost every kitchen.

Although the original and classic recipe of Mayonnaise requires eggs, there are various reputed brands like Veeba in the Indian market who has now introduced the eggless option for the vegetarian people. The eggless mayonnaise is equally popular and is used in various recipes worldwide. Main ingredients used to prepare eggless mayonnaise are milk/cream, olive oil, mustard, vinegar or lemon, salt, and sugar. As much as India is concerned, there is a large volume of vegetarian crowd; therefore, eggless mayonnaise is more popular.

Ways in which Eggless Mayonnaise can be used to pep-up your food:

Salad Dressing: Nothing adds that creamy texture to your salad as much as a spoon full of mayonnaise with your favourite seasoning does. Or for your everyday salad dressing, use a low-fat version of eggless mayonnaise.

Use it as a Sandwich or Burger spread: Who doesn’t love eating sandwiches at subways, most quick and healthy option and we all know how prominently they use mayonnaise.

We can create the same appetizing taste by adding mayonnaise to our basic everyday boring Sandwiches or Sub sandwiches by adding our favourite veggies or meat. The same goes for Burgers and Tacos too.

Dips: Depending on your taste buds, you can prepare numerous dips using eggless mayonnaise as a key ingredient.

If you are someone who loves spicy with some sweet combination, then you can just add some honey, mayonnaise, mustard sauce, with some cayenne powder and salt as per your taste. And you’re ready with a handy spicy honey mustard dip.

For the cheese lovers just replace honey with parmesan cheese and add a dash of lime and your set with a creamy mustard parmesan dip.

Last, but not the least on the list we have our traditional and authentic green chutneys. Give a creamy twist to your regular chutney and mix it with mayonnaise. You will get creamily textured mint mayonnaise chutney to go with your snacks.

Parantha’s or Rolls: Make your regular Parantha’s more versatile just add some mayonnaise along with any vegetable of your choice, some salt, and pepper, and wrap it up. You’re all set to Roll.

Baking: There are many chefs worldwide who use eggless mayonnaise while baking their eggless cakes. It adds a texture and keeps their cakes moist.

Delights for Kids: Mayonnaise is extremely popular amongst kids. They love having it with everything, which makes it easier for mothers to experiment and make healthier versions of it for their little ones. Your kids will relish their meals.

Although mayonnaise is a little high in its fat content (although only good fats), if had in balanced proportion will add to your health. It has got a versatile spread that can instantly add life to your normal regular food. Eggless mayonnaise is a boon for the individuals who love food but are vegetarian. Hence a bottle of Mayonnaise is a must if you love experimenting with new tastes.