The time for action is here. Climate change, choking of our water bodies and soil degradation - all of these are outcomes of human exploitation over the last few centuries – and need to be reversed fast, or we risk destroying our blue planet forever.

Our deep commitment to preserving our wonderful planet and all of its biodiversity is a natural extension to our philosophy of innovation and maintaining high quality standards in the food industry. 

We are collecting and repurposing more plastic each year, than we add to our environment, thus ensuring that we help maintain the delicate balance in nature.

All the plastic that we use is recyclable and we have partnered with ReKart to ensure transparent and responsible processing of all the plastic collected.

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Our efforts are currently aimed at collecting plastic in all forms, ensuring that they are processed and re-purposed into a usable form, with minimal impact on the environment.

*Src: MOEF Gov India, April 2022

How do we do it?


We use the minimum amount of plastic to safely deliver our products across the country.


We prevent plastic from piling up in our landfills and eroding the environment


We repurpose more plastic than we consume, thereby reducing our plastic footprint


We collaborate with ReKart, a member of MRAI* and AIPMA** to be plastic positive.

* Material Recycling Association of India **The All India Plastics Manufacturer’s Association 

The positivity story

Initiative with rekart