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Our Quality Policy

Quality is the Foundation of our Food & Nutrition company.


We are dedicated to producing the safest, highest quality and tastiest food products.


We will ensure compliance with all relevant food safety programs & legislations.

HACCP principles

We will embed HACCP principles at all stages of manufacturing & development.

Veeba is a very young company founded in the year 2013 by Viraj Bahl. It came in a very cluttered market where a lot of companies existed but all of them were doing exactly the same thing. From day one Veeba stood for 2 things – Quality & Innovation and in a short span of 3 years this is what Veeba has become synonymous for.

Veeba started off as an institutional supplier of Sauces, emulsions, dips and dessert toppings to some of the biggest names in the QSR industry including The company worked closely with these clients to help create some of their most iconic products over the years. It is a testimony to their capability that today they can call themselves one of the largest player in the B2B sauce & condiment space.

Soon after it found its feet the company entered HORECA segment with the same ideology. It constantly came up not only with innovative, high quality products but also convenient packaging ideas for hotels, single restaurants, bakeries and caterers. Today Veeba Foods has a pan India distribution presence and supplies to even the smallest of bakeries and hotels in all major cities across the country.

In 2015 Veeba entered the retail space. Once again the company went back to the guiding principles of Quality & Innovation, found a gap in the segment and decided to fill that. Instead of launching the same set of products that everyone else was offering, Veeba decided to enter the retail segment in 2015 with a range of 18 one of a kind products. This retail range is probably a first in the world. It is extremely low on fat, with fat content as low as 1% and going up to 23% only and 100% vegetarian. Besides a number of products that have been launched in this range were never available in India before. The company focuses heavily on Raw Material sourcing and imports ingredients from all over the world to get the right taste. In January of 2017, Veeba launched its second range of 19 retail products, called the Veeba Favourites. With different kinds of Mayonnaise, Sandwich Spreads, Dips & Italians, Veeba aims to cater to the changing taste of the Indian palate, without being heavy on the pocket. The retail launch opened to an unprecedented response for both ranges and Veeba’s products are now present across stores throughout the country.

Along the way, Veeba hired some of the best and most experienced people from within and outside the industry and so one of the youngest companies in the food processing industry has one of the most experienced teams in this space.

Veeba is already amongst the biggest sauce companies in the B2B space and a recognizable brand in retail, the journey has been beautiful so far and yet a lot needs to be done. Veeba aims to be the most admired & loved Food Company in the country.