All you need to know about Mustard Sauces


All you need to know about Mustard Sauces

Mustard: Learn About Mustard Sauces

Mustard! Ah that good ol’ handy condiment that can bring oodles of flavor to any dish. Slather it between a sandwich, on a burger, a pizza or even a salad, and suddenly the dish has so much more character. You either hate it or love it, but you definitely cannot ignore it. Prepared mustard or mustard sauce has a sharp, pungent flavor with a kick of heat. It can be stored in the refrigerator for long periods of time, although it tends to lose its heat over time. It’s quite a versatile sauce and can vary greatly both in flavor and texture from one to the next.

Now let’s dive into the basics of the mustard world. How is it made? “Mustard” is produced by combining mustard seeds, either whole or crushed, with a liquid. The flavor of mustard varies with respect to the type of seeds and liquid used. For instance, white mustard seeds have a less pungent flavor than black or brown seeds. Brown mustard seeds are typically used in Indian cooking. When mustard seeds are dried their natural enzymes go dormant and only awaken when liquid is added.

The liquid used for moistening the seeds and binding them together has a large impact on its pungency. When the mustard seeds are combined with liquid, the enzymes present in them release pungent compounds from their inactive state. If the liquid is highly acidic, for example vinegar, then the heat of the mustard lasts longer, having a subtle burn as opposed to mustards prepared with less acidic liquids like pure water. These can be immensely pungent when freshly prepared, but tend to lose their punch more quickly. Even the temperature of the chosen liquid during preparation of the mustard affects the taste and heat level of the sauce.

What are the Various Types of Mustard Sauces?

  1. English Mustard Sauce is a hot and flavorful mustard. It is bright yellow in color like American mustard but has a lot more bite to it. It’s made of white and brown mustard seeds ground together with water, giving it serious heat and character. Some enhance the flavor by putting in additional spices as well. Popular variants sold in India are Veeba English mustard and Colman’s mustard.
  2. American Mustard or Yellow Mustard Sauceis a milder form of mustard which is made with yellow or white seeds and turmeric. It has a runny consistency and a sweeter taste than English mustard. It is most commonly used on hot dogs, hamburgers and subway sandwiches. Some variants available are Funfoods American mustard and the same by Veeba.
  3. Dijon mustard Sauce is a silky smooth mustard made with brown seeds. It is synonymous with the French town where it was first produced, Dijon. As it is generally made with white wine as one of the combining liquids, it has a naturally pungent and spicier undertone. It is generally good for pairing with vinaigrettes and sauces where a sharp flavor is desired.
  4. Honey Mustard Sauce has a sweet and peppery kick to it. With the welcoming sweetness of honey along with the mustard, it acts as a great dip with various meats and can be used in salad dressings and marinades as well.
  5. Whole Grain Mustard Sauce is a milder form of mustard with a thick and grainy consistency. It is made with whole grain seeds mixed in vinegar or wine and other spices. It works well with cheese plates and cold meat platters by adding to the texture. It can easily be made at home as well.
  6. The land where mustard is taken most seriously has got to be Germany as they have a variant of mustard for the innumerable types of sausages that they consume. German mustards range from spicy to sweet flavors with coarse to smooth textures. The taste of the mustard often depends on the region it is made and many include horseradish in them as well.
  7. Chinese Mustard Sauce is a super hot and pungent type of mustard which packs a serious punch. It is normally served as a dipping sauce with Chinese food. A little sliver of this mustard on an egg roll is the way to go.

While these are the most commonly found mustards, there is now a wide variety of mustards with an amalgamation of flavors, ranging from sweet to spicy to even fruity that are available. This list isn’t exhaustive, but hopefully its been a good primer for you to try out something new in your condiments. Buy hte way are you looking for increase your taste so visit now our variety of mustard sauce india