How to blend in health and taste ?


How to blend in health and taste ?

A juicy hamburger or chicken wrap makes your mouth water but not a bowl of salad with small bite size bits of shredded chicken lying in the lap of green lettuce leaves and cherry tomatoes. It does not look tempting and one wants to stay away from it. The juicy wrap tastes good because it contains condiment sauces which gives flavour to the wrap along with the melted cheese and other fried tits and bits giving it  the yummy crunchy bite. But the question here is would you like to have this wrap as a morning breakfast right after your daily routine exercise. After losing calories, indulging in some sinful wrap or hamburger will make you gain double calories as it contains fried pieces of meat and cheese which are high on fat.

If you want to manage the calorie intake and not want to feel heavy throughout the day then, the green leafy salad is best for you. Now one must be thinking what about the taste and palatable juices which will crave your stomach to have more. It is very true that a bowl of salad is not very attractive and sometimes it’s simply dry. We all know that it is nutritious and right balanced food which will not only keep our stomach full but also light. Still, not convinced to pick the salad bowl and relish it?

Let us now blend in the taste and health together and tell you the secret behind the health and glowing  skin of your favourite celebrities. Well they enjoy their salad breakfast every day and stay fit. But they have their secret taste hidden in the salad and it is none other than salad dressings. The Salad Dressing were invented to make your diet food taste delicious and increase your craving for them in a healthy way. Among these the lightest and regular dressings are olive oil dressing and vinaigrette dressing. The former one is olive oil base mayo dressing with the second one is vinegar based. These dressings add the missing taste and also make the salad juicy.

For a buttermilk flavoured dressings with hint of garlic and other herbs, one can try ranch dressings and for full burst of tangy flavour of tomatoes and lemon Thousand Island Dressing is amazing. Veeba Foods offer a wide range of low fat and low calorie salad dressings which are full of taste, Now make innovate your nutritious breakfast as per your taste and enjoy healthy living.

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