Discover the Creative Flavour of Onion with Sweet Onion Sauce


Discover the Creative Flavour of Onion with Sweet Onion Sauce

Onions have a sharp and pungent taste but it is an important vegetable which adds flavour to any type of dish or any cuisine. Almost every cuisine has onion as main ingredient. It not only enhances the flavours of the dish that one is preparing but also thickens the gravy. Onions also have a slightly sweet taste and therefore is added in salads and also eaten raw at many places. In India especially, people take onion in large quantity to be used in curries and the pink small onions as salad. But that is not all to the onions. Lot of creative things can be done with this pinkish-purple vegetable. This can be cut into fine slice and fried till crispy and then mix it with biryani to get that sweet and crunchy flavour.

If we check out the Chinese cuisines then we can find that all vegies and meat dishes are tossed in flavourful sauces from soya sauce to Sweet Chilli Sauce to make various dishes. The sweet and pungent flavour of onion has also seen a new invention in the form of sweet onion sauce. This sweet onion sauce has now become a global favorite. It has perfect mix of best quality onions and other herbs giving it a distinctive flavour which is appetizing. Mix this sauce with your favorite veggie salad and even fruit salad to get a perfect twist in flavour. Besides using it as a dressing one can also make a quick potato chat with it. Simply mix little red chilli powder, chopped coriander leaves, minced garlic and generous spoon of Veeba’s sweet onion sauce to boiled potatoes and bite into this delicious chaat and also share it with your friends.

Veeba’s Sweet Onion Sauce not only gives a delectable taste but is also 98% fat free making it a low fat sauce which is 100% vegetarian. It allows you to keep a check on your calories while letting you enjoy your salads and other low fat rolls or sandwiches. This can be spread on chapatis and bread while making sandwiches. This sauce offered by Veeba is can also be served to kids as it is cholesterol free and also does not contain any trans-fat. The beautiful shape of the bottle makes it handy and easy to squeeze without messing up. Now make café like delicious salad at home in just few minutes without worrying about the extra fat content. Search Optimized

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