Chipotle Southwest- Bring some spice to life


Chipotle Southwest- Bring some spice to life

With the submarine sandwiches smeared with spicy hot chipotle sauce, people are going crazy to get their hands on these sandwiches. This Mexican sauce has entered the food lover’s menu like a storm and they want this flavour to be added in almost every dish, be it the burritos, burgers or sandwich. This spicy and flavorful sauce has become an instant comfort food for people around the world. The light brown-pinkish colour of the sauce with a very creamy texture is easy to spread on the bread, tortillas or pitas, making it easy to pack lunch.

But all you Chipotle Southwest lovers out there, do you know that this sauce varies in their ingredients as it goes to different places. Yes! It’s not the same taste everywhere. When you travel to Mexico, your lips touch the original hot and creamy sauce, while when you travel to Canada or France, one gets to taste a different variation. Well, one cannot always order the original Mexican sauce online directly from Mexico and therefore compromise for what is available in the market.  But to get an original taste of the spicy & creamy dressing one need not run to a Mexican restaurant every time. There are many food services brands that offer chipotle southwest in the form of a sauce or dip. Among these, Veeba is a leading brand that manufactures authentic Mexican chipotle sauce. This sauce is 78% fat free and 100% vegetarian so it is delightful even for the vegetarians. As this Dressing is trans-fat free and cholesterol free, therefore it can be enjoyed by all. It blends well with paneer and tofu rolls and gives a lip-smacking taste.

With this bottle of Mexican taste in hand, one can make wide variety of dishes and even add the right spice to any meal. Turn kathi rolls into burritos and fried rice into risottos by adding this sauce from Veeba. Make yummy tacos at home for a party and lace it with this heavenly sauce to create the Mexican theme. A quick nourishing sandwich for your kid’s tiffin and you will never find a full tiffin box back home again. Pour it in a bowl of salad and get rid of dry and tasteless salad.

Veeba sauces are manufactured at ISO: 22000 Certified Plant ensuring hygienic and high quality preparations of sauces. Veeba Food Services is a one stop solution for all your Sauces.

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