Best ways to use Eggless Mayonnaise to Enhance your Everyday Dishes.


Best ways to use Eggless Mayonnaise to Enhance your Everyday Dishes.

Mayonnaise is one of the most used condiments that is generally used as a substitute to cheese and other similar condiments. Mayonnaise is used in dishes to add a rich flavour and solid texture to the boring regular dishes. Generally, the recipe of mayonnaise has egg in it due to which many vegetarian folks stay deprived of its amazing taste. However, recently many brands have ventured into the vegetarian option that is eggless mayonnaise. It is a perfect choice of spread and a versatile condiment for the vegetarians. The eggless mayonnaise has the same texture and taste as that of the classic mayonnaise. It is exceptionally flavourful and creamy and has high nutritional content and less calorie count. You can also make your own eggless mayonnaise at home.  Just mix 1/2 a cup of fresh cream, 2 tsp condensed milk, 3/4 cup oil, Salt to taste, Sugar to taste, 1 tsp vinegar,1 tsp lemon juice to make a perfect homemade eggless mayonnaise.

If this sounds like too much work, Veeba offers an amazing eggless mayonnaise that is as healthy as the homemade version and adds superb taste to even the most boring meals.

Best ways to use Eggless Mayonnaise:

  1. As salad dressing:

Make a boring salad into a yummy one with the eggless mayonnaise. After you cut all the vegetables into pieces, just add a dollop of eggless mayonnaise into the salad. This not only enhances the taste of the salad but also increases the nutritional value. You can make ranch out of this eggless mayonnaise and just pour it across the salad as a tasty healthy dressing. Not just vegetable salad, you can use this dressing in various other salads like tuna salad, potato salad, chicken salad etc.

  1. Prepare pasta:

Yes! You can use eggless mayonnaise in pasta. Generally, cream or cheese is used in the pasta which can be substituted for eggless mayonnaise. This option is healthier and is less in calories when compared to the other condiments. If not, use some mayonnaise along with the cream in the pasta to make the texture better and even creamier. Now make Alfredo pasta with mayonnaise and make it your little secret recipe leaving others wonder how the pasta is this creamy. Another easy recipe using the eggless mayonnaise in lasagne in between the pasta layers.

  1. Make dips:

            Use eggless mayonnaise as a dip for staples such as French fries, nachos, nuggets and other foods. A great replacement of tomato ketchup, eggless mayonnaise is used for getting a creamier texture rather than a tangy flavour as a dip. Dice some onions, sprinkle pepper and lemon and mix with eggless mayonnaise to make it a perfect dip for your yummy starters food. For those who prefer it spicy, add some cayenne or Maggi masala to it and enjoy.

  1. Use it in sandwiches and Burgers:

Sandwiches are healthy and are a daily staple for many people. However, eating the same sandwich daily becomes boring after a few days. To enhance the taste of the sandwich and to make it healthier, use some eggless mayonnaise on the sandwich by spreading it across the slice. You can also mix the mayonnaise in the stuffing of the sandwich and just spread it on the slice. Similarly spread the eggless mayonnaise on the burger patty to enhance the taste t. The eggless mayonnaise is a great substitute to cheese and butter as well. Kids will absolutely love the spike of taste that it gives to even the most common dishes.

  1. Prepare BBQ sauce:

Wondering how eggless mayonnaise can be used as BBQ sauce? Add some eggless mayonnaise to the regular BBQ sauce and mix them well. Now toss the marinated food in the pan and serve it with the eggless mayonnaise BBQ sauce. You can also apply the sauce to freshly marinated food and grill it well to get that perfect grilled BBQ. This sauce also makes for an amazing dip for your BBQ food.

  1. Use it in rolls:

Mayonnaise is used in a majority of rolls like Kathi rolls, Frankies and also adds oodles of taste to Shawarma. It gives a distinct flavor to the rolls and is an extremely sumptuous addition to meals. Just add a little amount of eggless mayonnaise to the base, put on some stuffing and get them rolling to make a perfect tasty roll. It can also be simply used as a sauce or a dip for the rolls.

  1. Use it in curries:

Well, you heard it right! Many people add milk and buttermilk to the curries to give it additional flavor and texture. Now use the mayonnaise instead of these dairy products for perfectly creamy and vegan-friendly dishes. This is perfect for those who want to make their dishes without dairy and also get a better texture than usual.

Eggless mayonnaise is ideal for the perfectly textured and extremely tasty food that can impress your family members and guests. It can quickly be an amazing cooking secret that will be a staple in your kitchen and be an instant favorite among your family and the guests.