Best Recipes Using Pasta and Pizza Sauce


Best Recipes Using Pasta and Pizza Sauce

When we talk about Pizza or pasta, it is something that is relished by people of all ages. But what we mostly do is either eat outside or get it delivered at home, which is not considered as healthy as freshly home baked ones. Who doesn’t like a freshly baked pizza or home cooked pasta loaded with cheese and your favorite vegetables? Making them at home from the scratch can be a task. In order to make things easier but still healthy and wholesome for your family, you can opt for ready-made Pizza and Pasta sauces available in the market. Veeba makes this unique blend of Pizza and Pasta sauce, available in a Jar, which makes your recipe even more flavorful and delicious.

These ready to make Pizza and Pasta Sauces can be used in various recipes:

Pizza: Depending upon kind of crust you enjoy, take a base of your choice, and spread your pizza sauce generously. Top up using your favorite vegetables, olives, and cheese or if you intend to make a non-veg version then add chunks of meat of your choice. Bake it at 200 degrees for about 10-15 minutes, sprinkle some herbs and your favorite home baked pizza is ready.

Bread Pizza: if you don’t intend to get into even that much of cooking, you can replace base with bread. Put some Pizza and Pasta Sauce, some vegetables and cheese. Bake it in an oven or you can also cook it on a pan. Your bread Pizza is ready.

Pasta: Heat a pan, add your favorite vegetables or meat and cook. Add your Pizza and Pasta sauce, seasoning of your choice and add cooked pasta to it. Give it a good toss, add cheese. Freshly made, home cooked Pasta.

As the name suggest Pizza and Pasta Sauce gives you some delicious and fresh Pizza and Pasta at home. But this sauce can also be added to various other recipes and give a unique twist:

Lasagna: Switch your regular flavor of lasagna by adding this sauce in your recipe.

Roti/Parantha: Give a tangy twist to your regular Roti or Parantha, add some vegetables and cheese. Your kids will love this switch over.

Spiced Rice: Just replace 1 cup of water with 1 cup of Pizza and Pasta sauce while cooking your rice, add your favorite vegetables and season. You would love this twist to your regular rice.

Curries: You can also use this sauce as a replacement of tomato in your regular curries prepared at home, to bring in the tanginess.

Dip: Mix Pizza and Pasta Sauce with some mayonnaise and season with some salt and pepper. You will get a zesty and tangy dip for your chips or nachos.

Soup: Yes, you heard it right. You can also prepare cream of tomato soup using Pizza and Pasta Sauce. Add 1 Jar of sauce with 2 cups of water, ½ cup of heavy cream, some freshly chopped herbs and season.

Surprisingly, a small jar of Pizza and Pasta Sauce can be used in so many recipes in such wide varieties.