Make Your Barbecue Sauce Versatile


Make Your Barbecue Sauce Versatile

Very Popular Barbecue Sauce

When we think of ‘Barbecue Sauce’, very first recipe that comes to our mind is grilled meat or veggies poured with generous amount of sweet and smoky BBQ sauce. Some people love to grill the raw meat or veggies well marinated in this sauce as if allow the pieces to get the smoky earthen flavor and get crispy from outside. Many of us have this conception that this sweet and tangy sauce is only used for grilling and charring purpose. But, this sauce is very versatile and can be used for making multiple other dishes like burgers, sandwiches, wraps and also go well with some Indian dishes.

Barbeque Sauce is the quickest way to perk up any meal and give it a lip-smacking twist. One can use this sauce as a condiment just like ketchup in burgers or hotdogs. Now that will be a nice change of flavor from your regular ketchup. How about dipping baked sweet potato fries in barbecue sauce, it is definitely going to taste like heaven. You can also use this snack as a surprise dish for your friends over a movie night. When we are talking about movie nights at home, then how can we forget about the popcorns? Well, here is the twist, why not mix the popcorns in barbecue sauce instead of caramel sauce.

Planning a party for kids at home? Oh! They love pizzas, mac n cheese and baked beans toast. Make it more interesting by combining tomato sauce BBQ sauce to pizzas, macaroni and beans toast. The sweet and tangy flavor will these recipes rock your party as you see the kids licking off the dipping sauce from their fingers. Kids loved the party over the weekend, but now it’s time to go to school and they are fussy with food and do not finish their lunch at school. Big thing to worry about, but now with your magical sauce things are made easy. If you thought that this sauce cannot make a nutritious yet delectable sandwich, then you are wrong. Simply, mix the prepared veggie with little “Barbecue Sauce” and spread this on lightly toasted bread and cover this with another slice. Pack this tasty and nutritious sandwich in your kid’s lunch box.

Thinking of getting a nutritious and low fat bottle of BBQ sauce, then Veeba is here at your rescue. This 99% fat free and 100% vegetarian sauce helps you to spruce up your dishes in a healthy wealthy way.