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Vegetable Chipotle Wrap

Flavour some delectable veggie wraps combined with the chipotle spread can make you grab more than just one. Indulge yourself in this yummy wrap with creamy Mexican dressing without worrying about the extra fat.


   1 Wrap/Romali Roti  3 leaves of lettuce  1 red peppers sliced  ¼ eggplant/ 50 gms Chicken  ¼ red onion  ¼ cup Shredded Cheese  Veeba Chipotle Southwest  


   Heat the wrap/Romali Roti  Spread Veeba Chipotle Southwest over the center of wrap  Spread lettuce, sliced red peppers, eggplant/Chicken and onions in the center of wrap.  Sprinkle with shredded cheese.  Now roll up the vegetable wrap from the bottom keeping everything centered and within the wrap.  Cut in two pieces and enjoy.