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Coleslaw & Chicken Ham Sandwich

Make your sandwich healthier, light and yummy with low fat Thousand Island Salad from Veeba. This sandwich will make you happy yet keep your weight under check.


    Bread slices preferably whole wheat or multigrain:2   Cabbage: 1/4 cup shredded   Carrots:1/4 cup shredded   Oregano – 1 teaspoon   Lettuce leaves: 2   Cheese slice: 1   Chicken Ham: 2 slices   Thousand Island dressing: 1tablespoon  


   Mix the cabbage, carrots, Oregano and thousand island sauce.  Take two bread slices, on one slice first put lettuce leaf and chicken salami & then the Coleslaw mixture and cover it with cheese slice, lettuce leaf and the remaining bread slice.