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Thousand Island Dressing – A Cocktail Dressing

There are varied types of dressing available in the market. Among these Thousand Island dressing is a special cocktail dressing as it contains various ingredients like olive oil, lemon juice, orange juice, paprika, Worcestershire sauce, mustard, vinegar, cream, chilli sauce and tomato purée, or Tabasco sauce. It blends well with all types of dishes be it Indian, Chinese or American.

Today people are getting fitter and avoid oily and deep fried food which contains lot of butter or other fatty products. These are now replaced by much healthier options like low fat yoghurt, low fat cheese and low calorie dressing. People start their day with vegetable salads or fruit salads which are low on calories and sugar contents. Salad may not only mean boiled vegetables as it can contain corns and tofu for vegetarians and baked or boiled chicken and fish bits for non-vegetarians. These sound really tempting and also look the same but may not taste delicious as these only contain salt and pepper to add taste. The salads may turn out dry and tasteless but if we add some tasty and interesting dressing like Thousand Island Dressing to it, then it will completely change the taste and texture of it.

There are wide varieties of salad and fruit salad dressing available in the market but many of these may contain some ingredients which can increase your calorie intake. But there is a brand like Veeba food which offers dressing that is low on calorie and is trans-fat free. These dressing are fit for all and help you enjoy your diet food without losing on taste. The Thousand Island dressing which Veeba offers is 81% fat free and is a versatile dressing which can be added in different dishes like sandwiches, rolls and burritos besides salads.

This Salad Dressing has various flavours like sweet, creamy and tangy. This can easily replace your intake of butter and ketchup. Its cocktail flavoring will satisfy your taste buds. It can be poured over salad, spread on bread or buns and can also be used as a dip for kebabs and pakoras. As this is 100% vegetarian, therefore a bottle of Veeba’s dressing is available for all. The bottle is beautifully designed to allow one to squeeze it conveniently. It gives you the joy of quick cooking for your kids and even for high tea.

Make delicious dishes with this versatile sauce for any party and be ready to get all the praises for your culinary skills.

Discover the Creative Flavour of Onion with Sweet Onion Sauce

Onions have a sharp and pungent taste but it is an important vegetable which adds flavour to any type of dish or any cuisine. Almost every cuisine has onion as main ingredient. It not only enhances the flavours of the dish that one is preparing but also thickens the gravy. Onions also have a slightly sweet taste and therefore is added in salads and also eaten raw at many places. In India especially, people take onion in large quantity to be used in curries and the pink small onions as salad. But that is not all to the onions. Lot of creative things can be done with this pinkish-purple vegetable. This can be cut into fine slice and fried till crispy and then mix it with biryani to get that sweet and crunchy flavour.

If we check out the Chinese cuisines then we can find that all vegies and meat dishes are tossed in flavourful sauces from soya sauce to Sweet Chilli Sauce to make various dishes. The sweet and pungent flavour of onion has also seen a new invention in the form of sweet onion sauce. This sweet onion sauce has now become a global favorite. It has perfect mix of best quality onions and other herbs giving it a distinctive flavour which is appetizing. Mix this sauce with your favorite veggie salad and even fruit salad to get a perfect twist in flavour. Besides using it as a dressing one can also make a quick potato chat with it. Simply mix little red chilli powder, chopped coriander leaves, minced garlic and generous spoon of Veeba’s sweet onion sauce to boiled potatoes and bite into this delicious chaat and also share it with your friends.

Veeba’s Sweet Onion Sauce not only gives a delectable taste but is also 98% fat free making it a low fat sauce which is 100% vegetarian. It allows you to keep a check on your calories while letting you enjoy your salads and other low fat rolls or sandwiches. This can be spread on chapatis and bread while making sandwiches. This sauce offered by Veeba is can also be served to kids as it is cholesterol free and also does not contain any trans-fat. The beautiful shape of the bottle makes it handy and easy to squeeze without messing up. Now make café like delicious salad at home in just few minutes without worrying about the extra fat content.

Guilt – free caesar salad

Guilt-free Caesar salad Salad was made popular around the world because of its yummy dressing. Often it is believed that the very first dressing that made salad interesting was the cheesy and delectable Caesar Salad Dressing. This is usually white in colour and has distinctive taste which craves you to enjoy the salad.

How was this dressing invented?

Well 2 men called Cardini Caesar and his brother Alex are said to be inventers of this world renowned dressing. They emigrated to the U.S. after World War I. The Cardini’s lived in San Diego but operated a restaurant in Tijuana. It is here when one fine day they had lack of food to serve their customers that they invented this salad using whatever was available at hand so that the customers do not get disappointed. The original name was the Aviator’s Salad but later it became famous as Caesar Salad. Later on this dressing was made available in bottle for the people of Tijuana to enjoy it with various other dishes.

Modern day Caesar Dressing

Modern day Caesar salad is a salad of romaine lettuce and croutons dressed with parmesan cheese, lemon juice, olive oil, egg, Worcestershire sauce, garlic, and black pepper. One can also avail a bottle of pure vegetarian salad dressing without the egg. Some Caesar Salad Dressing also have a mix of another famous sauce known as the Waldorf. The flavoring has seen little tweaking to match the taste buds of current generations. A wide variety of salads can be made using this dressing giving magical burst of flavour in them. This salad is low fat and therefore perfect weight checkers.

Caesar salad although has a cheesy base but is yet not so high on calories but gives you the much required energy to keep the body fit and keep going the entire day. The delicious taste does not make one crave for unhealthy fast food. This Salad Dressing can also be used as a dip with croutons and soup. Get creative and make variety of different dishes with this and throw a low fat get-together party for your friends and family. The delectable flavour will make it a hit even among kids.

Come to Veeba Foods for low fat vegetarian avatar of this classic dressing which has made the world lick lips with every bite of their salad. It is 77% fat free and cholesterol free.

Chipotle Southwest- Bring some spice to life

With the submarine sandwiches smeared with spicy hot chipotle sauce, people are going crazy to get their hands on these sandwiches. This Mexican sauce has entered the food lover’s menu like a storm and they want this flavour to be added in almost every dish, be it the burritos, burgers or sandwich. This spicy and flavorful sauce has become an instant comfort food for people around the world. The light brown-pinkish colour of the sauce with a very creamy texture is easy to spread on the bread, tortillas or pitas, making it easy to pack lunch.

But all you Chipotle Southwest lovers out there, do you know that this sauce varies in their ingredients as it goes to different places. Yes! It’s not the same taste everywhere. When you travel to Mexico, your lips touch the original hot and creamy sauce, while when you travel to Canada or France, one gets to taste a different variation. Well, one cannot always order the original Mexican sauce online directly from Mexico and therefore compromise for what is available in the market.  But to get an original taste of the spicy & creamy dressing one need not run to a Mexican restaurant every time. There are many food services brands that offer chipotle southwest in the form of a sauce or dip. Among these, Veeba is a leading brand that manufactures authentic Mexican chipotle sauce. This sauce is 78% fat free and 100% vegetarian so it is delightful even for the vegetarians. As this Dressing is trans-fat free and cholesterol free, therefore it can be enjoyed by all. It blends well with paneer and tofu rolls and gives a lip-smacking taste.

With this bottle of Mexican taste in hand, one can make wide variety of dishes and even add the right spice to any meal. Turn kathi rolls into burritos and fried rice into risottos by adding this sauce from Veeba. Make yummy tacos at home for a party and lace it with this heavenly sauce to create the Mexican theme. A quick nourishing sandwich for your kid’s tiffin and you will never find a full tiffin box back home again. Pour it in a bowl of salad and get rid of dry and tasteless salad.

Veeba sauces are manufactured at ISO: 22000 Certified Plant ensuring hygienic and high quality preparations of sauces. Veeba Food Services is a one stop solution for all your Sauces.

Make Your Barbeque Sauce Versatile

When we think of Barbeque Sauce, very first recipe that comes to our mind is grilled meat or veggies poured with generous amount of sweet and smoky BBQ sauce. Some people love to grill the raw meat or veggies well marinated in this sauce as if allow the pieces to get the smoky earthen flavor and get crispy from outside. Many of us have this conception that this sweet and tangy sauce is only used for grilling and charring purpose. But, this sauce is very versatile and can be used for making multiple other dishes like burgers, sandwiches, wraps and also go well with some Indian dishes.

BBQ Sauce is the quickest way to perk up any meal and give it a lip-smacking twist. One can use this sauce as a condiment just like ketchup in burgers or hotdogs. Now that will be a nice change of flavor from your regular ketchup. How about dipping baked sweet potato fries in barbecue sauce, it is definitely going to taste like heaven. You can also use this snack as a surprise dish for your friends over a movie night. When we are talking about movie nights at home, then how can we forget about the popcorns? Well, here is the twist, why not mix the popcorns in barbeque sauce instead of caramel sauce.

Planning a party for kids at home? Oh! They love pizzas, mac n cheese and baked beans toast. Make it more interesting by combining tomato sauce BBQ sauce to pizzas, macaroni and beans toast. The sweet and tangy flavor will these recipes rock your party as you see the kids licking off the dipping sauce from their fingers. Kids loved the party over the weekend, but now it’s time to go to school and they are fussy with food and do not finish their lunch at school. Big thing to worry about, but now with your magical sauce things are made easy. If you thought that this sauce cannot make a nutritious yet delectable sandwich, then you are wrong. Simply, mix the prepared veggie with little Barbeque Sauce and spread this on lightly toasted bread and cover this with another slice. Pack this tasty and nutritious sandwich in your kid’s lunch box.

Thinking of getting a nutritious and low fat bottle of BBQ sauce, then Veeba is here at your rescue. This 99% fat free and 100% vegetarian sauce helps you to spruce up your dishes in a healthy wealthy way.

How to blend in health and taste?

A juicy hamburger or chicken wrap makes your mouth water but not a bowl of salad with small bite size bits of shredded chicken lying in the lap of green lettuce leaves and cherry tomatoes. It does not look tempting and one wants to stay away from it. The juicy wrap tastes good because it contains condiment sauces which gives flavour to the wrap along with the melted cheese and other fried tits and bits giving it  the yummy crunchy bite. But the question here is would you like to have this wrap as a morning breakfast right after your daily routine exercise. After losing calories, indulging in some sinful wrap or hamburger will make you gain double calories as it contains fried pieces of meat and cheese which are high on fat.

If you want to manage the calorie intake and not want to feel heavy throughout the day then, the green leafy salad is best for you. Now one must be thinking what about the taste and palatable juices which will crave your stomach to have more. It is very true that a bowl of salad is not very attractive and sometimes it’s simply dry. We all know that it is nutritious and right balanced food which will not only keep our stomach full but also light. Still, not convinced to pick the salad bowl and relish it?

Let us now blend in the taste and health together and tell you the secret behind the health and glowing  skin of your favourite celebrities. Well they enjoy their salad breakfast every day and stay fit. But they have their secret taste hidden in the salad and it is none other than salad dressings. The Salad Dressing were invented to make your diet food taste delicious and increase your craving for them in a healthy way. Among these the lightest and regular dressings are olive oil dressing and vinaigrette dressing. The former one is olive oil base mayo dressing with the second one is vinegar based. These dressings add the missing taste and also make the salad juicy.

For a buttermilk flavoured dressings with hint of garlic and other herbs, one can try ranch dressings and for full burst of tangy flavour of tomatoes and lemon Thousand Island Dressing is amazing. Veeba Foods offer a wide range of low fat and low calorie salad dressings which are full of taste, Now make innovate your nutritious breakfast as per your taste and enjoy healthy living.

Ways to make your salad interesting?

<br />When we talk about salads, they never come alone as along with it comes seasoning and dressings. If someone tells you that he or she is on a diet and only lives on green veggies and low on fat fruits seasoned with just salt, then that is the biggest lie you have heard of. Green leafy vegetable, cherry tomatoes diced carrots, boiled baby potatoes sprinkled with salt and pepper is a complete balanced meal to enjoy in the morning and keep yourself full for the day. But will you really enjoy this meal which is flavorless. It does not even have a juicy texture to it which eventually will make your mouth feel dry after few bites.<br /><br />The dressing of olive oil, or salad oil makes this otherwise dry salad moist and easy to chew and digest. These Salad Dressing have a flavour which enhances the taste of salads. People like their salad dressings in different ways some mix it well, some like dipping their crunchy greens in the dressing while some pour it on the top of the salad and enjoy it.<br /><br />Besides vegetable salad there are fruit salads as well which usually have a sweet dressing to it. There are various types of dressings to make you feel happy with every bite. How can you make your salad interesting? You want to maintain your diet yet want the diet food to taste interesting and delicious.<br /><br />If you are vegetarian and want to make the veggies interesting you can add Vinegar dressing which is known as vinaigrettes. This vinegar based dressing is light and have a tart flavoring. If you do not like the taste of balsamic vinegar then you can also add olive oil Mayo which is the original white mayonnaise. This white Mayo is all time favorite and goes well with sandwiches and burgers.<br /><br />Have you ever tried your Caesar salad with bits of boiled chicken, shrimps and Caesar Salad Dressings? Well, this tastes heavenly and is non-vegetarian’s delight. This cheese based dressing is also an excellent marinade for your baked dishes.<br /><br />Thousand Island Dressings is yet another very versatile dressing which goes well with cold meat and veggies. It is also a great sandwich spread and kids love it. <br /><br />Ranch dressings are perfect with fruit salad and boiled eggs. The yoghurt taste in it is gives a soothing flavour. Boiled corn, black bean and baked tortilla strips mixed in Ranch Dressing is an amazing combination.<br /><br />If you are already satisfied with the wide range of dressings and thinking of where to get it? Then your one stop shop is Veeba Foods. This food brand service provider offers a wide range of sauces and dressings.

History of Thousand Island Dressing, Origination of Its Name

The thousand Island Salad Dressing has got an interesting history on how it got its name. It is said that it got its name from the Thousand Islands between the United States and Canada in the St. Lawrence River. There are many stories on who developed this delicious dressing among which one of the stories say that Thousand Island Dressing was reportedly developed by Boldt’s chef. Despite claims that he was involved in the introduction of the salad dressing at the Waldorf, chef Tschirky did not mention the Salad Dressing in his famous cookbook that was published. There is another storing mentioning that a woman named Sophia LaLonde supposedly invented it in upstate New York and a guest of hers is supposed to have named it after the Thousand Islands region of upstate New York and Canada. Mary Irwin another important name who is said to give this mysterious dressing a name after the place from where she belonged.

In the 1950s, Thousand Island Dressing became a standard condiment, used on sandwiches and salads alike. Even today in most of the American Diners and fast food joints it is referred to as a secret sauce.  This dressing has a mayonnaise base but it may include olive oil, lemon juice, orange juice, paprika, Worcestershire sauce, mustard, vinegar, cream, chili sauce, tomato purée, ketchup, or Tabasco sauce. Some Thousand Island Dressings also have finely chopped veggies such as pickles, onions, bell peppers, green olives, parsley, pimento, chives, garlic, or chopped nuts (such as walnuts or chestnuts).

This dressing not only enhances the taste of salad but also makes it rich and a complete meal which not only meets your daily nutrient value but also satisfy your pallets. This light pinkish to or angish condiment can be seen as the most important ingredient of sandwiches and burger buns. It gives a creamy tangy taste to the buns and breads. Now when people are getting more health conscious they are seeking out for low fat condiments which will not let them compromise with the taste yet maintain the weight.

Veeba now introduces its Low fat range of tasty Thousand Island salads which tastes just like the original dressing yet is low on calorie. The sauce is prepared as per the food grade guidelines. Now you can enjoy yummy salads and sandwiches at home anytime. even your kids can make a quick sandwich with Veeba’s dressings.

History of Salad Dressings

A salad is a dish which includes different types of veggies and fruits which can be eaten raw or par-boiled, which may be mixed with a sauce or salad dressing. Leafy greens such as cabbage or lettuce. Salad Dressing has a long and colourful history, dating back to ancient times. The Babylonians used oil and vinegar for dressing salads almost two thousand years ago. Egyptians flavoured a salad dressing with oil, vinegar and spices. Mayonnaise is said to have made it onto the table of a French Nobleman over a hundred years ago. The European Monarch’s chefs used edible flower petals in the salad to make it fragrant and enhance the taste.

Chefs in the old days combined more than thirty ingredients in one enormous bowl, and included exotic ingredients. England’s King Henry IV’s favourite salad was a mixture of potatoes and herb dressing. Mary, Queen of Scots, preferred boiled celery diced and tossed with lettuce with a creamy mustard dressing and cooked egg slices. In the twentieth century, Americans began using basic dressing ingredients like oil, vinegar, lemon juice and spices to create an infinite variety of salad dressings.

Due to variations in ingredients, because of lacking storage conditions, chefs had different results when preparing dressings. Gradually, restaurants began packing and selling salad dressings to customers and thereby the industry began. Many major brands of salad dressings available today were on the market as early as the 1920’s.

Most leafy greens are bitter and something to smooth over the bitterness made these greens more palatable. One of the first sauces was soy sauce. It is most likely that this was the first salad dressing. This makes it almost five thousand years old.

Oil and vinegar was common in a salad dressing for ancient Egyptians. The Egyptians would mix spices and herbs into the oil and vinegar to dress their salads. Mayonnaise was invented in the 18th Century on the Spanish Island of Mahon. Many authorities believe the first batch of this mixture of egg yolks, oil and seasonings was whipped up to celebrate the 1756 French capture of Mahon, the Spanish Isle of Minorca. The addition of mayonnaise increased the number of salad dressing from the oil and vinegar.

Caesar Cardini, invented the Caesar Salad in Tijuana, Mexico in 1924. Cardini’s original recipe included romaine, garlic, croutons, Parmesan cheese, boiled eggs, olive oil and Worcestershire sauce.

Thousand Island dressing is made from bits of green olives, peppers, pickles, onions, hard-boiled eggs and other finely chopped ingredients. This chunky dressing is said to commemorate the Thousand Islands in the Saint Lawrence River.

The commercial production of salad dressing began in the early 20th Century. Many common salad dressings that were family recipes were put into commercial production. New and different Salad Dressing were tried. Salad dressing was available both as oil and vinegar combinations and mayonnaise based ones.

Classic Hot dogs

Your Hot Dog is incomplete without American Mustard. Relish into your hot dog with hint of yummy mustard spice hitting your taste bud.


2 tablespoon finely chopped onions  Chicken Frank  Veeba American mustard sauce  hot dog roll, warmed  Veeba Marinara sauce/Veeba Barbeque sauce (Veeba tip – Use Marinara sauce or Barbeque Sauce instead of Tomato Ketchup)


Grill Franks for 5-7 minutes. Heat for another 1 minutes. Pour Veeba Marinara Sauce or Veeba Barbeque sauce on the rolls. Place franks in rolls. Add onions. Sprinkle salt and black pepper. Garnish with Veeba American mustard sauce.