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This classic dressing is perfect to perk up salad greens, cold meats and sandwiches.

This cheese-flavoured dressing is the essential taste maker of the ever-popular Caesar and Waldorf salads.

Caesar Dressing (300 gm)

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The mellowness of honey combined with the zing of mustard makes this dressing ideal for salads and sandwiches.

The goodness of yoghurt balanced with garlic and herbs makes this dressing superb with salads, and as a dip with chips and other fried foods.

Ranch Dressing (300 gm)

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The favourite Mexican at every party, this tomato, jalapeno, capsicum and garlic dip is the perfect match for every chip, roll, nacho and dimsum.

Salsa (360 gm)

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Originally from France, and now loved the world over as the perfect dip with fried fish and other crisp seafood.

Tartare Dip (300 gm)

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A great dip with dimsums and spring rolls, as well as a superb spread that gives sandwiches and rolls the bite of garlic and a kick of chilli!

The perfect Mexican delight that balances of the heat of jalapenos with the mildness of cheese. Ideal with tortilla chips and nachos.

This classic mustard sauce adds zing to any meal, any snack, any occasion.

English (300 gm)

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