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The flavour of cheese blended with mushrooms to make a great spread. Also a tantalising dip with tortilla chips, nachos or wafers.

Fresh tomatoes and cucumber whisked into mayonnaise. The perfect spread for sandwiches, cold cuts and greens, as well as a cool dip with snacks.

The freshnesss of carrots and cucumbers add a masterchef’s touch to every sandwich!

The sandwich spread that brings together cheese and chilli, two of India’s favourite flavours to makes everything better!

Inspired by African cuisine, this hot dressing can be used as a dip or a spicy spread for sandwiches.

An international favourite packed with smoky Mexican flavours, this dressing is a special addition to any sandwich.

An Italian favourite, perfect with penne, fusilli, farfalle or your favourite pasta.

A great base sauce for pizzas as well as pasta. Bursting with Italian goodness.

Capsicum, onions and tomatoes blended to make a sauce ideal for spreading on toast or as a base sauce on pizza.

Pizza Topping (310 gm)

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