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This cricket season, have a great tasting innings with 6 creamy mayos you’ll never run out of! #InternationalPartyLeague

@icprasanth @icprasanth Storage at inappropriate temperature can result in this. We'll replace the products shortly. Thanks for your feedback. (2/2)

@icprasanth @icprasanth We're sorry to hear about this. We don't use synthetic colors in any of our products. (1/2)

Get bowled over by our delicious range of mayos, spreads, dressings, sauces and dips that perk up every party #InternationalPartyLeague

Congratulation to all our winners. We will be sending a special Veeba-licious hamper soon! #MomsSecretIngredient #Contest #MothersDay

Share something special about your mom.Stand a chance to win a Veebalicious hamper just for her. #MomsSecretIngredient #Contest #MothersDay

Team up every bite with 4 zingy dips for a series of winning partnerships #InternationalPartyLeague #IPL2017

There’s a reason ‘Comfort’ and ‘Food’ are always next to each other.

@gethealedU For everything else, we would be more than happy to talk here 🙂 (2/2)

@gethealedU We'd appreciate if you can send us a direct message/contact office. We don't solicit marketing opportunities on twitter. (1/2)

Tacos and Salsa is on top of our food pyramid. Tag a Taco n Salsa super fan who shares the spot with you on the pyramid. It’s Salsa time!

Hi @MichaelAnish. Please share your contact details & our team will get in touch with you.

Hi @joe_sabby. Please share your contact details so that we can send you a new bottle of #Veeba to enjoy.

@joe_sabby Please share your details with us so we can send you a replacement jar to enjoy. (2/2)


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