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Veeba-licious idea of the day: Crispy Veg Sliders. Check the complete #recipe at: #snack #RecipeOfTheDay

Add a dash of this zingy chill sauce to make the holidays Peri Peri delicious!

A squiggle of zingy mustard, smooth dressings, spicy dips and yummy sauces. #Veeba has many reasons to keep you smiling.

Veeba-licious idea of the day: Nacho cups. Check out the complete recipe here -

Congratulations to our Wheel of fun winners! Please inbox us your details @casper_prince and @mohi1904

Play the Wheel of fun! Stop the wheel on the ‘hamper’. RT us a screenshot & get a chance to win a Veeba hamper!

Veeba-licious idea of the day: Pinwheel Sandwich:

Made with one of the world’s healthiest oils, this mayonnaise adds a creamy flavour to salads, sandwiches, rolls and wraps. #ThatsWhyVeeba

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Ideas in a bottle: Veeba Thousand Island

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Homemade burgers so delicious that you’ll never eat out again! #ThatsWhyVeeba

Veeba-licious idea of the day: Smoked Paneer Sandwich #Recipe #RecipeOfTheDay

Choose your type, this International Burger Day.

This cricket season, have a great tasting innings with 6 creamy mayos you’ll never run out of! #InternationalPartyLeague


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